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Securely plan your estate through legally binding Wills and Trusts right from your digital devices in the comfort of your home/offices, updatable in real-time. - Nigeria’s Leading and Award Winning Online Will Writing Company celebrates workers.

Lagos/Nigeria, 01/05/2019 - Nigeria’s Leading and Award Winning Online Will Writing Company celebrates workers, advises them on creating an Estate plan by Writing a Will or Trust to cater for their Beneficiaries.

The company gave the advice in a statement on Wednesday to commemorate the 2019 Labour Day and celebrate workers for their dedicated service to the nation.

According to the company, based on its research and experience, it is not beneficial for workers to die or become incapacitated without a succession plan for all they have worked for, and leave their family members in problems over inheritance.

The company said that it had designed products that suit the Nigerian workers.

"The Online Will Writing and Trust Platform offers the ease and privacy Nigerians crave when planning their estates. Among the assets that can be included in a Will are Bank account/Bank Verification Number (BVN), Shares/Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS No), Pension Fund Accounts (PFA), lands, etc. In fact, you can also give a certain percentage of your assets to your churches, mosques and for charities."

"Not creating your Wills portends very serious consequences, especially the length of time it takes to process letters of administration and the possibility of family members forcefully taking over assets and discomforting the bereaved wives and children," the statement added."

The company also canvassed better working conditions and commended the Federal Government for the recent increase in minimum wage to N30,000.00.

"Life is so full of uncertainties, hence there is a need to consider having an estate plan to mitigate expected and unexpected challenges associated with securing the financial future and comfort of your loved ones."

"Putting in place a valid Will offers adequate protection of your legacies, especially for those you truly love should the need arise. An estate plan helps you realise the famous saying of “what we do in life echoes in eternity,” the company said."

The statement also read, " helps you to create, update and schedule execution of your Wills and or other testamentary instruments such as Deed of Gifts, Living Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney, etc., on a convenient, affordable and secure platform in real time, anywhere.

“For a one-time fee of Thirty-Five Thousand Naira Only (N35,000), inclusive of N10,000 payable to the court for stamping, you can become a subscriber, create a valid Will in few minutes, we process at probate and have it delivered to your desired location. All our subscribers are also rewarded with free One Million Naira (N1,000,000) Personal Accident Cover and Medical Expense Cover of up to One-hundred Thousand naira (N100,000).”

It added, "Also, subscribers can buy healthcare and travel insurance policies on the platform.

" eliminates all barriers preventing many families from getting solid legal and financial protections they need and deserve should the unexpected happen.”